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The issue's not dead, but it is quieter.

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 12, 2008, 8:09 PM
EDIT:  Okay, I've looked at the "Orphaned Works" issue enough to have decided all the OMGWTFBBQ posts were premature in the extreme, and the gentleman at Animation World Magazine should be thwacked on the nose with a newspaper.

There is still a potential issue at hand in regards to artists' copyrights, but it's not nearly the bogeyman he was trying to make it out to be.

With thanks to :iconaunjuli: for the links, here are two posts by dA mods:

Entry by :iconmoonbeam13::…

Entry by :iconrealitysquared::…

Summation of the issue by :iconkarincoma::…

And, for anyone who somehow missed all the fooforaw, here's the article that kicked everything off in the first place.

Animation World Magazine article:…

The bottom line is, as ever - research before panic. :D

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