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 Inspiration by FugueState Inspiration :iconfuguestate:FugueState 8 3
Mature content
Misunderstandings :iconfuguestate:FugueState 1 0
Upset by FugueState Upset :iconfuguestate:FugueState 8 2
Noise is a constant. Organic, fabricated, rhythmic, chaotic. Steps on the stairs outside the door - stomping, running, shuffling, stumbling. Voices, all the time, at all hours. Shouting. Laughing. Crying. Cursing. Screaming. Fists and chairs and headboards against walls. Water groaning and knocking through pipes. Wind and rain and street noise seeping through windows and past open doors. Floorboards and walls popping and creaking with age and movement. Vermin scavenging. Radios. Record players. Doors.
His dreams, when he has them, are mercifully silent.
Here Comes the Rain
Rain cleanses nothing here. What it does do is wipe away the layers of prevarication that people insist on constructing. It brings out the truth of personalities, dissolving false courtesies and empty promises - the longer a person stands in rain, the more honest he will become. It does the same for the city, eliminating the garish colors and deceptive grays that gloss over flaws, distract from
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Be good, for Goodness' sake by FugueState Be good, for Goodness' sake :iconfuguestate:FugueState 21 8
[Ten challenge fic drabbles, multiple fandoms.]
I. Guise
A double-breasted suit straight out of the 1940s, made to measure.  Suspenders and a stubbornly white dress shirt.  Scarf at the throat, always in a knot.  Always.  Brown leather gloves scarred at knuckles and fingertips.  Brown fedora, drawn low over invisible eyes.  Trench coat with seemingly bottomless pockets.  Old but well-pedigreed boots showing miles upon miles of walking (and climbing, and fighting) underneath their careful polish – they've been re-soled at least twice.   The mask, the only truly alien aspect, covering everything in shifting black and white shapes that only appear unreadable.
And only Dan is allowed past any of it.
II. Ill-Met
"You should never have kissed me, Red.  Hee!"
"It wasn't on p-purpose, you idiot c-c-clown.   How was I to know you'd b-be here tkkxxnt-too?
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WIP - Watchmen Unmasked by FugueState WIP - Watchmen Unmasked :iconfuguestate:FugueState 10 4
"R--" He caught himself just in time and modulated his voice to a much quieter volume. "Why are you calling me?"
"Wanted to apologize. Phone idea wasn't stupid. Was not at optimum performance last patrol, let tension carry over into our conversation. My initial assessment was hastily formed."
"Well... thanks. But - why are you using this number and not, uh. Not my other one?" Dan cringed, wondering how many people around could hear his side of the conversation and assumed he was talking to a mistress. Rorschach would be livid at the association, he was certain.
"Tried. You didn't answer. Important."
"Well, I appreciate that..." A lot, really, considering apologies from Rorschach were about as rare as sightings of Halley's Comet.
Rorschach preempted his next question, sounding slightly impatient and... reluctant? "Apology was not only reason for call."
"Are you--" No, he didn't sound hurt, Dan realized, and figured he'd best just get to the point. "Wha
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The children know his name, but they don't say it.  To say his name is to call him, and you only do that if you really mean it - if you really need him. Those are the rules.
(The adults didn't believe, not at first.  Their children had simply been lost, and afraid, and their imaginations ran away with them.  Only when enough bloodstains had been found, when enough parents caught their children conversing with shadows, did they begin to wonder.)
He only comes to children - to the lost, the endangered.    The ones who can't run to safety are found sound asleep wherever they were being held, small peaceful islands at the epicenter of absolute carnage.  They never wake until they're brought somewhere safe.
(The Sleepers, as they came to be nicknamed, were never quite the same afterward.  There was always something about them lying just under the surface of their young, somber faces.)
He is not infallible.
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Mature content
If At First You Don't Succeed- :iconfuguestate:FugueState 0 0
'Next.'  Colored by FugueState 'Next.' Colored :iconfuguestate:FugueState 49 26 'Next.'  Inked by FugueState 'Next.' Inked :iconfuguestate:FugueState 60 20 Tallyho! by FugueState Tallyho! :iconfuguestate:FugueState 42 25
Restitution - epilogue
"Do you dream?"
The question is asked casually, with the weight of a thousand others behind it.  He looks over at her, the mask's ink swirling into shape after shape.
They sit on the swings in an empty playground, Blaire's parents and Nite Owl standing within view but far enough away to afford some privacy.  He's dressed as she remembers him, in his trademark suit but without the trench coat.  Even though the one he has now is new, he keeps it folded off to one side for this.
"Do you dream about when you found me?"
Her shoes scuff in the dirt, barely touching as she drifts back and forth.  A breeze makes her hair flutter, the faint sodium light from the streetlamps giving her a ghostly cast.  He shudders at that thought.
She's looking at him, but he finds himself keeping his gaze fixed at his own feet where they hold him in place.  He rocks slowly to and fro, his hands clenching on the chains at either s
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Deadpan by FugueState Deadpan :iconfuguestate:FugueState 66 27
"Really?  You think so?"
"I do, Mr. Finch, and by the sound of it, you do as well."
"It's not about what I think... this is the most popular toy of the season.   Possibly ever, to hear the news."
"Aw, I think it's cute.  What do you think, Evey?"
"Eve, that sound is most unbecoming of a lady."
"Spoilsport.  I have to say I'm with Dominic on this one."
"So you think this - " V held a small plastic figure aloft, "is cute?"
Evey's grin was positively Cheshirean.  "Absolutely."  She stepped forward, showing off the toy's features as enthusiastically as any commercial.  "Look at it - all that detail in the mask, and they even got the length of your knives correct."  
"And the fabric weave."
"You would notice that, Dom."  Finch's dour face almost cracked a smile.
V was not impressed.  "When," he asked, "have I ever employed a 'karate chop' to dispatch my
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Try by FugueState Try :iconfuguestate:FugueState 30 13
Captcha fic 8
- weined from -
The brownstone was ringing with curses, thunks and clatters in a path from the still-vibrating dresser drawers in the bedroom all the way down into the basement. Dan, well aware that anything he said at this moment would be met with sharp-tongued scorn or outright hostility, chose to maintain his strategic position half-hidden in the shadows of the study where he'd buried himself in a prospectus for a raptor facility upstate. He'd endured days of this already - they all had, really - and he was running out of ideas.
Walter briefly looked up when Laurie stormed down the stairs past Archie, his hand pausing in the notes he was taking as she kicked a box of spare parts out of her way.
"What?" She rounded on him, fists already clenching.
"Problem, Laurel?"
"Don't give me that fucking look - this is driving me nuts and you know it!"
"Was your own choice to-"
"I know, goddammit!" He actually blinked at her, but she was past noticing as she set the punching bag in her sights.
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-Fistbump- by FugueState -Fistbump- :iconfuguestate:FugueState 163 59 Secure by FugueState Secure :iconfuguestate:FugueState 68 40 Happy Birthday to JEH by FugueState Happy Birthday to JEH :iconfuguestate:FugueState 18 19
Captcha fic 7
- drive repealed -
Of course it was the little Roche girl who broke the stalemate. The police riots had been ugly, fueling the fire against vigilantes and getting the Keene Act pushed through Congress, but there had still been resistance here and there. Even the news media, who'd been all too eager to focus on the lawlessness caused by NYPD's absence, couldn't keep an entirely confident tone when they quoted Senator Keene's assurances that "America has spoken, and we are listening."
Her parents didn't want her to get involved. She was only eight years old, after all, and she still awoke screaming from nightmares. But once her school showed the Senate's PSA in her class, there was no stopping her.
Every day she could be seen on her street corner - A childish likeness of Rorschach dominated a posterboard sign that she brandished like a shield which proclaimed in large, careful block letters, "Bring him back."
People still remembered what happened. No one laughed, or tried to stop her - n
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Captcha fic 6
- huskier to -
"Always. It feels like always."
The blood is slowing, but the coppery fear-taste is still burning the back of his throat and he can't stop pressing his fingers to the pulse at his partner's neck to make sure it's still there.
"I couldn't tell you. I didn't know if -"
They have close calls all the time. Just last week there was that katiehead with a gun... They risk their lives and think nothing of it, just concentrating on the takedown. They could have been killed any number of times by now.
"Can you hear me?"
He's fighting tears, and it makes him angry. They can't go to a hospital. All this work they do, all this work...
"I wasn't honest with you. With myself. I'm sorry."
Breaths flutter against his ear.
"I'm sorry. I love you. I'm sorry."
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Captcha fic 5
- new engulfed -
He can't breathe.  Can't convince his lungs to fill, or to release.  Air shudders in the in-between of his muscles' indecision, finally sobbing out of him in a rush while his fingers twitch in confusion, wanting to clench, wanting to latch onto something but (afraid) uncertain as to what, or where.
No one has ever...
Eyes hold him, pin him in place as he teeters on the edge of standing, falling, as his mind stutters to a halt at the simple, unexpected sensation of hands reaching past layers of (defenses) fabric to skate the gentlest of fingers down his sides.
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